First consultation3000AMD
Repeated consultation3000AMD
Treatment prescription5000AMD
Electrocardiogram (ECG)2000AMD
Electrocardiogram (ECG)- home visit5000AMD
Holter monitoring (24 h)12000AMD
Consultation and examination3000AMD
Treatment prescription5000AMD
Voice-frequency (tonal luminal)  audiogram5000AMD
Passableness research of an Eustachian tube  (test of Williams)5000AMD
Videofiberscopy of ENT organs10000AMD
Repeated testing of hearing3000AMD
Ultasound examination of a paranasal sinuses “SINUSCAN” (primary)2000AMD
Laser therapy (1 field 1 session)2500AMD
Laser therapy (2 field 1 session)3500AMD
Pneumomassage of tympanic membrane (1 session)1000AMD
Lavage of lacuns of a palatine tonsils  (1 procedure)3000AMD
Lavage of  maxillary sinuses (1 procedure)5000AMD
Surgical treatment of a wound5000AMD
Excision of a cerumen impaction (wax plug)5000AMD
Douche of a  nasal cavity3000AMD
Complex treatment of sinusitis30000AMD
Complex treatment  of eustachitis 30000AMD
Complex treatment of neurosensory (perceptive) bradyacuasia (hearing disorder)30000AMD
Conservative therapy of   chronic tonsillitis  30000AMD
ENT  cryotherapy  (1 session)25000AMD
Manipulation on palatum molle 20000AMD
Consultation and examination5000AMD
Treatment prescription5000AMD
Eye pressure measurement3000AMD
Ultrasound of eye6000AMD
Double consultation3000AMD
Examination and consultation3000AMD
Repeated consultation3000AMD
Treatment prescription5000AMD
 Frst time examination, consulting5000AMD
Treatment of neurologist10000AMD
Double consultation of neurologist4000AMD
Treatment of diseases of the autonomic nervous system8000AMD
Treatment of motor disorders10000AMD
Headache treatment (every visit)10000AMD
Treatment of headaches and facial pain
Treatment of sleep disorders10000AMD
Treatment of toxic and metabolic disorders of the nervous system20000AMD
Treatment of traumas (cranial, spinal cord, peripheral nerves)10000AMD
Examination and consultation5000AMD
Repeated consultation3000AMD
Sampling of vaginal smear1000AMD
Installation of intrauterine device12000AMD
Removal of intrauterine device5000AMD
Removal of intrauterine device (complicated)10000AMD
Infertility treatment80000AMD
Treatment of menstruation disorder50000AMD
Electrolytic therapeutic apparatus with drug electrophoresis
Treatment prescription5000AMD
External genitalia pointed condylomas medication treatment 1-2 procedure
Treatment of inflammatory processes of vagina and cervix20000AMD
Treatment of cervix background diseases by cooling method (cryocoagulation)25000AMD
Complex treatment of inflammatory diseases 60000AMD
Vagino-urethral blue light radiotherapy2000AMD
Electro-laser therapy with medical electrophoresis2000AMD
Magnetic-laser therapy3000AMD
Removal of 1 condyloma by radio-wave method15000AMD
Removal of 2 or 3 condylomas by radio-wave method25000AMD
Magnetic-laser apparatus (complete course)30000AMD
Removal of 4 and more condylomas by radio-wave method35000AMD
Treatment of Cervical ectopia by radio-wave method25000AMD
Examination and consultation3000AMD
Repeated consultation3000AMD
Treatment prescription  for skin discase5000AMD
Smear sampling1000AMD
Chronic diseases of the skin (neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema)10000AMD
Chronic diseases of the skin (neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema) (hard process)15000AMD
Acne rosacea couperose10000AMD
Acne rosacea couperose (hard process)15000AMD
General local hair loss
Treatment of fungal diseases of the skin and nails10000AMD
Treatment of specific prostate infections10000AMD
Treatment of chronic prostate infections20000AMD
External genitalia pointed condylomas treatment 20000AMD
Warts cryotherapy, condylomas cryotherapy15000AMD
Soft fibroma cryotherapy5000AMD
Warts cryotherapy for each one3000AMD
Warts cryotherapy 3-4 mm4000AMD
Warts cryotherapy 10-22mm5000AMD
Examination and consultation5000AMD
Double consultation3000AMD
Treatment prescription  5000AMD
Smear sampling1000AMD
Prostate massage3000AMD
Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases50000AMD
Psychogenic sexual dysfunction treatment60000AMD
Sexual dysfunction treatment in chronic inflammation of the prostate80000AMD
Treatment of involutionary sexual dysfunction55000AMD
Sexual dysfunction treatment in  diabetes80000AMD
Sexual dysfunction treatment in other cases80000AMD
Treatment of male infertility 150000AMD
Treatment of family sexual disharmony15000AMD
Complex treatment of chronic inflammation of the prostate120000AMD
Electrolaser therapeutic device3000AMD
Vacuum laser urological therapeutic massager3000AMD
” Intraterm ” module device2000AMD
Magnetic laser therapy device (complete course)30000AMD
Andrology -first consultation 5000AMD
Andrology -repeated consultation3000AMD
Treatment prescription of urological diseases10000AMD

Treatment of male infertility (5-7 visits)


Treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED)


Treatment of acute urethritis (2 visits)


Treatment of  chronic urethritis (3-5 visits)


Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases


Urologist-surgeon examination and consultation10000AMD
Ultrasound of abdominal cavity and post-abdominal area4000AMD
Ultrasound of small pelvic organs using intra-cavity transducer if necessary4000AMD
Examination of pregnant 5000AMD
Examination of pregnant with 3D/4D transmitter15000AMD
Ultrasound of thyroid and lymph nodes1500AMD
Ultrasound of breast and lymph nodes4000AMD
Scrotum organs ultrasound6000AMD
Urogenital system US5000AMD
Folliculometry 6000AMD
Duplex examination of extracranial magistral vessels10000AMD
Duplex examination of magistral vessels of upper extremities 13000AMD
Duplex examination of magistral vessels of lower extremities13000AMD
Doppler US of fetus15000AMD
Soft tissues US4000AMD
Breast elastoscan10000AMD
Thyroid elastoscan10000AMD
Local lymph nodes US
US examination of the knee joint7000AMD
US examination of the hip joint7000AMD
US examination of the shoulder joint7000AMD
US examination of the wrist joint7000AMD
US examination of the heel joint7000AMD
US examination of the elbowjoint7000AMD
1 position7000AMD
2 position11000AMD
1 position7000AMD
2 position11000AMD
Straight holes7000AMD
Nasal bones: 
2 position5000AMD
1 position7000AMD
Hip and Thigh Joint: 2 position7000AMD
Thigh` 2 position7000AMD
Knee joint: 
2 position7000AMD
3 position9000AMD
2 Knee joints- 2 position11000AMD
Shin- 2 position7000AMD
Ankle joint: 
2 position7000AMD
3 position9000AMD
Foot- 2 position7000AMD
Heel bone5000AMD
2 position7000AMD
Articular joint:`2 position7000AMD
Shoulder joint7000AMD
Joints+1 position5000AMD
Arm`2 position7000AMD
Forearm: 2 position7000AMD
1 position7000AMD
2 position13000AMD
each additional position(photo)5000AMD
1 position7000AMD
2 position11000AMD
Chest`2 position9000AMD
Urography:without contrast14000AMD
Cystography: without contrast14000AMD
Urethrography` without contrast14000AMD
1 position6000AMD
Neck section– 2 position (+1position 4,000)9000AMD
Neck section – 3 position13000AMD
Chest section – 2 position  (+1 position 4,000)9000AMD
Chest section – 3 position 13000AMD
Waist section – 2 position(+1 position 4,000)11000AMD
Waist section – 3 position15000AMD
Coccygeal section-2 position 9000AMD
Functional graphics of the spine: 
4 photos13000AMD
Gastrointestinal dynamic13000AMD
Examination of patients undergoing surgery6000AMD
Gastrointestinal tract9000AMD
Abdominal cavity7000AMD
CD provision2000AMD
Intramuscular injection (1 injection)500AMD
Intravenous injection (1 injection)1000AMD
Intravenous dropper2000AMD
Visit of nurse (for blood sampling out of the medical centre )1000AMD
Cardiac ultrasound at home20000AMD
Duplex examination of magistral vessels of upper extremities at home20000AMD
Duplex examination of magistral vessels of lower extremities at home20000AMD