Electrocardiogram (ECG)2000AMD
Tredmil stress test10000AMD
Holter monitoring 12000AMD
Consultation and examination3000AMD
Treatment prescription5000AMD
Double examination2000AMD
Tonal luminal  audiogram5000AMD
Double audiogram3000AMD
Double tympanometry3000AMD
Blowing off of an auditory (Eustachian) tube  (1 session)1000AMD
Videofiberscopy of ENT organs10000AMD
Laser therapy (nose 1 session)1500AMD
Laser therapy (ear 1 session)1500AMD
Pneumomassage of tympanic membrane (1 session)1000AMD
Lavage of lacuns of a palatine tonsils (1 procedure)2000AMD
Removal of sulfur cork3000AMD
Douche of a  nasal cavity1500AMD
Аеrosol therapy (inhalation) bronchial-pulmonary diseases (1 procedure)1500AMD
Аеrosol therapy ( inhalation) nose and throat diseases (1 procedure)1000AMD
Puncture of maxillary sinuse (diagnostic)7000AMD
Puncture of maxillary sinuse (medicinal)10000AMD
Primary nasal tamponade5000AMD
Posterior tamponade of the nasal cavity10000AMD
Treatment of the posterior pharyngeal wall1000AMD
Medical treatment of palatine tonsils1000AMD
Autopsy of abscess of paratonsils25000AMD
Medical treatment of vocal cords10000AMD
Foreign body removal from the ear5000AMD
Foreign body removal from the nose5000AMD
Foreign body removal from the throat5000AMD
Examination and consultation5000AMD
Double consultation4000AMD
Treatment prescription5000AMD
Regulation of diabetes10000AMD
Complex treatment of diabetes complications15000AMD
Thyroid Diseases: Treatment of Thyroiditis10000AMD
Examination and consultation4000AMD
Double consultation2000AMD
Sampling of vaginal smear1000AMD
Installation of intrauterine device15000AMD
Removal of intrauterine device5000AMD
Removal of intrauterine device (complicated)10000AMD
Infertility treatment30000AMD
Treatment of menstruation disorder30000AMD
Treatment of nonspecific gynecological diseases20000AMD
Treatment of cervix background diseases by cooling method (cryocoagulation)20000AMD
Treatment of not specific gynecological diseases20000AMD
Treatment of not specific gynecological diseases in home conditions10000AMD
Vagino-urethral blue light radiotherapy1500AMD
Apparatus “Intraterm” with  local heating (1 pr)1500AMD
Magnetic-laser therapy(1 pr)3000AMD
Local vaginal treatment2000AMD
Electro-laser therapy with medical electrophoresis3500AMD
Uterine cervical erosion medication10000 AMD
Removal of Cervical polyp 12000AMD
Target sampling from uterine cavity2000AMD
Cytological sampling from uterine cavity2000AMD
Target biopsy from cervix5000AMD
Aspirate sampling from uterine cavity5000AMD
Aspirate sampling from uterine cavity with urogenital probes “Paipel”8000AMD

*Gynecological services are temporarily not provided

Examination and consultation3000AMD
Double consultation3000AMD
Treatment prescription for skin disease5000AMD
Smear sampling1000AMD
Treatment of chronic prostate inflammation15000AMD
Treatment of STD (chronic infections)(easy case)10000AMD
Treatment of STD (chronic infections)ն(hard case)15000AMD
Acne(easy case)10000AMD
Acne(hard case)15000AMD
Local and general hair loss10000AMD
Treatment of fungal diseases of the skin and nails10000AMD
Treatment of specific infections of the prostate gland10000AMD
Intraterm thermal apparatus1500AMD
Electrolaser therapeutic Apparatus3000AMD
Vacuum laser apparatus3000AMD
Magnitolaser therapeutic Apparatus3000AMD

Plantar wart cryotherapy, sharp condyloma-cryotherapy

Soft fibroma cryotherapy5000AMD
Plantar wart cryotherapy single3000AMD
Plantar wart cryotherapy 3-4 mm4000AMD
Plantar wart cryotherapy 10-20 mm5000AMD
Abdominal organs US7000AMD
Small pelvis organs US 6000AMD
Small pelvis organs US  with endocavity tranducer7000AMD
Pregnancy US 7000AMD
Thyroid US5000AMD
Breast US6000AMD
Folliculometry with endocavity tranducer12000AMD
Lymph nodes US (general)6000AMD
Heart US doppler examination9000AMD
Triplex examination of vessels13000 AMD
Duplex examination of extracranial magistral vessels8000AMD
Pregnancy dynamic US10000AMD
Gastroscopy with biopsy18000AMD
Colonoscopy with biopsy28000AMD

* Endoscopic services are temporarily not provided

Ozone local injection3000AMD
Minor autohemoozonotherapy2000AMD
Paravertebral and periarticular ozone injections2000AMD
Ozonization of water1000AMD
Ozone liposaction by multi-injector method3000AMD
Paravertebral  ozone injections with minor autohemoozonotherapy 3000AMD
Ozone solution,drip  injection with periarticular ozone injections4000AMD
Intramuscular injection (1 injection)500AMD
Intravenous injection (1 injection)1000AMD
Intravenous dropper1500AMD
Visit of nurse (for blood sampling out of the medical centre )1000AMD
First consultation3000AMD
Treatment prescription5000AMD
Double consultation3000AMD