With the help of highly qualified gynecologists from Normed Medical Center, our patients can undergo proper examination and treatment. As part of gynecological services, Normed Medical Center provides:

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of patients with sexually transmitted infections and other inflammatory diseases,
  2. Consultation on contraception, hormone therapy and gynecological endocrinology.consultation on contraception, hormone replacement therapy and problems of gynecological endocrinology,
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of different genesis of infertility.
  4. Diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy incompatibility taking into account the immunological, hormonal, genetic aspects.
  5. Preparation of ECO, including identification of reasons for previous unsuccessful attempts.
  6. Pregnancy management, including patients with complicated obstetric-gynecological history.
  7. Diagnosis and treatment of hyperplastic processes, uterine fibroids, endometriosis.
  8. Diagnosis and treatment of cervical diseases (Colposcopy, fluid cytology examination with the newest method)
  9. Assessment and correction of the immune status and immunological aspects in gynecology.

It is worth mentioning the effectiveness of ozone therapy in combination with drug treatment in the treatment of a number of gynecological diseases, in particular, ozone therapy effectively treats inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs, and also menopause.

That is why the first complaints are so important. At “Normed” medical center, you will receive a competent approach to solving your health problems.

Diagnostic gynecology enables the early detection of gynecological diseases and clarification of the causes of infertility.