The ENT cabinet of “Normed” Medical Center is equipped with modern and high quality medical equipment which is necessary for ENT examination, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. All types of ENT diseases are examined and treated by our highly qualified doctors.

Due to the medical equipment of leading German, Danish, Finnish and Japanese brands and professional medical staff, “Normed” Medical Center provides:

  • Examination of ENT organs,
  • Diagnosis of ENT diseases,
  • Treatment of the  diseases of  ENT organs including cryotherapy, laser therapy, laser surgery.

The important part of the equipment is the multifunctional Monarch NET-3000 combine, which work efficiency is characterized by convenient and high quality patient service.

This combine is equipped with the light sources needed for endoscopes, has liquid heating equipment, and a mounted microscope which allows  to perform an extensive checkup of the ENT organs.

Sinusscan-201 is rendered to find out maxillary and frontal sinusitis through the method of ultrasound sensor recording. Advantages:

  1. The examination does not need preliminary preparation of the patient,
  2. Fast and painless process of examination,
  3. It can be used for pregnant women, breast feeding mothers, as well double examinations without additional risk of hurting patient’s health.

NATO  irrigator NET-1200 system  is for washing ears and nose . It provides:

  1. Washing of sulfuric bung and ears,
  2. Washing of nasal cavity,
  3. Washing of nasal cavities by using a special tip.

Laser therapy equipment LT-200 irradiates diode laser with the wave length of 650 nm.  Laser of low intensity is used for activation of cellular exchange in pathogenic part. It is used in complex treatment of:

  • Chronic rhinitis,
  • Middle otitis,
  • Noise in ear and deafness.

Massaging equipment of eardrum-TM-100 produces physiodynamic impulses. It is used in complex treatment of eustachitis,  middle otitis and Meniere’s disease.

Nebulizer    NET -1580 is  rendered for treatment of diseases of upper respiratory tract. It represents itself a compressor inhaler. It differs from ultrasound equipment. Spreading water or alcoholic solution  separates  into small parts with the help of air pressure. Here is formed petty dispersal environment, which promotes deep suction of medicine. It is used in treatment of diseases of upper respiratory tract.

All kinds of endoscopic devices have the ability to record, and the patient can see the findings on the screen. The small diameter of the fibroscopic device allows it to penetrate the most difficult parts to access, as well as put it into practice in examination of children.

Timpanometer AA222 allows to realize tonal scheme audiometry, and other audiometrical  tests. All the audiology examinations are made in special, noise isolating audiology cabins which are unique in Armenia.

Cryotherapy is a method of effective treatment of ENT diseases of the PCBs, when the tissues of the ENT organs  are exposed to liquid nitrogen. Because of freezing the mucous membrane, natural processes of reproduction occur, thereby contributing to blood circulation, vessel enlargement and activation of immunity to regular metabolism.

 The following is treated with cryotherapy:

  • Tonsillitis,
  • Adenoids,
  • Pharyngitis,
  • Sinusitis,
  • Papillomas and hemangiomas,
  • Frequent nosebleeds.

It should be noted the effectiveness of cryotherapy in the treatment of tonsils, where cryotherapy helps to remove infectious foci and restore a healthy mucous membrane. Other ENT diseases are treated according to the same principle. Cryotherapy can also overcome snoring.

All types of therapeutic measures require high medical professionalism to perform the procedures effectively.

Highly qualified specialists of  “Normed” Medical Center will help you get rid of your health problems by providing individual approach and care.

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