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In the "NORMED" medical center, all examinations and surgical interventions are carried out with the latest generation medical equipment.

  • Hospital part
  • Vascular surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Colorectal surgery

Hospital part

The inpatient department of Normed Medical Center is equipped with modern surgical equipment in accordance with European standards (Karl Storz, Reda, Invidia, Mindray). Operations at the center are performed by doctors trained abroad. "Normed" Medical Center provides medical assistance in the following areas of surgery:”Normed” Medical Center provides medical care in the following areas of surgery:

  • Vascular surgery
  • Colorectal surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Other minor and medium surgical interventions
  • The inpatient department is equipped with multi-functional hospital beds, oxygen channels, personal alarm clock and all necessary conditions for personal hygiene, which enable to monitor the patient's health condition and provide quality medical care.
  • In the case of using any type of surgical service at the "Normed" medical center, patients can use the complex services of the inpatient department free of charge, which includes the care of the medical staff, the hospital room, and personal hygiene items.
  • For residents of regions, if they do not have accommodation, a free one-day stay.
  • Thanks to the professional staff of the "Normed" Medical Center, all our patients receive high-quality medical care and caring treatment.
  • Thanks to the knowledge and skills of our doctors, the equipment and medical techniques of leading foreign medical companies, modern and minimally invasive methods are used, which enables patients to recover quickly.

Vascular surgery

In the “Normed” MC, diagnostics and treatment of all pathologies of superficial and deep veins are carried out in accordance to current international recommendations. At any stage of varicose veins and even in difficult cases, we use methods that are not accompanied by incisions and are performed under local anesthesia.

  • Our center is also unique in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of deep veins. For example, in the case of acute deep venous thrombosis we perform catheter thrombolysis, which allows the patients to completely get rid of this dangerous condition within 24-48 hours. In post-thrombotic disease, which is often accompanied with disability, we carry out balloon dilatation of deep veins and, if necessary, stenting. They are performed without incisions and under the local anesthesia, and after an hour, patients return to their daily life.
  • The surgeries are performed by vascular surgeon, PhD, YSMU lecturer Aram Khachatryan. The method of laser coagulation was introduced at “Normed” Medical Center under the guidance of Dr. Petar Dragic, a leading specialist at the German “Biolitec” organization. Dr. Aram Khachatryan underwent further training in Germany.
  • In “Normed” Medical Center the first deep vein surgeries were performed by Igor Sonkin, a world-renowned leading Russian specialist in this field. Dr. Aram Khachatryan underwent further training in St. Petersburg.


In “Normed” medical center intervertebral disc hernia surgery is performed using the newest laser and ozone methods.

  • The surgeries are performed by neurosurgeon Vigen Ananyan, the consultant for Neurosurgery of the Ministry of Health of RA . He has passed specialized trainings in the leading European clinics under the leadership of the leading surgeon of the German “Biolitec” organization Gregor Kienbacher.
  • The ozone method of intervertebral disc herniation surgery was introduced as a result of an exchange of experience with the best Italian specialists at Antonio Cardarelli Hospital in Naples, Italy.
  • The surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, patients spend 2-3 hours in a comfortable outpatient day room in post-operative stage. Up to 4 disc herniation can be operated on in one operation. “Normed” medical center has already performed more than 160 operations using the above methods.

Colorectal surgery

At the "Normed" medical center, laser plasty of hemorrhoid nodes is performed, as a result of which hemorrhoids disappear completely.

  • The operations are performed by experienced surgeon Grigor Khachatryan, who has undergone specialized training ?? under the leadership of the leading surgeons of the German Biolitek organization.
  • Surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, with a minimally invasive method, and the postoperative bed rest is only 2-3 hours.
  • In addition to hemorrhoids, ambulatory removal of rectal fissures, warts, condylomas of the cheek region, and external hemorrhoidal nodes is also performed using the "Surgitron" equipment, which, unlike electrocoagulation, works with a laser method, a radio wave system, and a laser beam, which promotes early healing and almost not painful.


We inform you that the "Normed" medical center provides an opportunity to carry out modern diagnostic tests at home.

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At the "Normed" medical center, laser plasty of hemorrhoid nodes is performed, as a result of which hemorrhoids disappear completely.